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Pretty Potion Sample

Pretty Potion Sample


Red Juice SuperFood Powder.  These potions are formulated with special ingredients to get you where you want to be. 


Age-Reversing Beauty Blend- Packed with anti-aging ingredients, this formula is essential in limiting the skin’s aging process, reducing stubborn wrinkles, revitalizing dull complexions, and hydrating skin for a more youthful-looking you.


Gut-Restoring Probiotic Blend- Regulate and ease digestion to finally achieve optimal gut balance. This powerful digestive blend boosts metabolism, eliminates uncomfortable bloating, and curbs your appetite so you look and feel leaner.


Energy Optimizing Blend- Increase energy the natural way with beetroot and reishi mushroom. Adaptogens in this blend create an anti-fatigue effect, which increases mental capacity and energy levels. Power through your day like never before!


Powerhouse Antioxidant Blend This stress-relieving blend boosts energy, combats cell damage, and helps create a positive effect on mood. The polyphenol-packed superfoods allow you to focus better, feel better, and finally tackle any task at hand.


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